Crawl Space Cleanup & Waterproofing


Crawl spaces are generally unwelcoming places — unless you’re a rodent, snake or bug. New England Clean Air offers crawl space waterproofing and encapsulating services to homeowners in New Hampshire and Maine who want to improve this area of their property.


Crawl spaces aren’t just ugly — they can be dangerous too. Dark, damp and putrid, they can harbor a host of critters, plus mold, mildew and standing water. But they serve a purpose. They provide an important buffer between your home and the ground when you don’t have a basement or cellar. They make it possible for air to circulate so wood rot doesn’t set in, and they make space for service personnel to access your home systems.

But their very nature riddles them with drawbacks. They’re dark — the sun can’t reach a crawl space. This factor, combined with their inherent dampness, make them a veritable petri dish for mold and mildew growth.

These growths release spores which make their way between the floorboards and into your living space, just like the bugs and the fetid air.

Your contractor may have insulated the underside of your floorboards in an effort to keep out the cold in winter. But depending upon your home’s level of imperviousness and the landscaping, this insulation sometimes has a tendency to become waterlogged, separate from the floor and grow mildew. At this point, not only is it not insulating your home, it’s introducing it to new risks.

How New England Clean Air Improves Crawl Spaces

When you choose New England Clean Air to waterproof your crawl space, we start by removing all the rotting and mold-infested material. We then clean and level the area. Lastly, we install a thick, plastic barrier and permanently affix it in place. This helps keep the area dry if you tend to get standing water in your crawl space, and it discourages critters from making their homes there.

Encapsulation services take this process a step further. We sheathe the entire area in heavy plastic — ground, walls and ceiling. Sometimes, depending on the condition of your Maine or New Hampshire property, we also add a dehumidifier.

You Get a Clean Space & Peace of Mind

These services completely transform the crawl space. You will no longer have to worry about odors, bugs or mold spores infiltrating your living area. You can also begin using the space as a storage area. Keep tools, seasonal decorations, toys and more in your newly protected space.

To learn more about crawl space waterproofing and encapsulation for your Maine or New Hampshire home, call New England Clean Air today. We make unsightly and unseemly crawl spaces pristine and welcoming.