A/C Coil Cleaning


New England Clean Air provides A/C coil cleaning services for homes and businesses throughout the eastern New Hampshire and western Maine area.

We may not use our air conditioning here as much as those who live in the South, but it’s still a necessity — especially for businesses. Restaurants, stores and shopping malls need to keep their indoor temps comfortable for customers, or they won’t have any. Most businesses don’t have windows that open — if they have windows at all.

But homeowners also want to be comfortable, especially when trying to sleep at night. That’s when we’re all happy that air conditioning was invented. Regardless of how much or how little you use your A/C, you still must maintain it properly, or you risk extra repair bills and early replacement of your unit.

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Keeping the A/C Coils Clean

One important A/C maintenance task is cleaning the coils regularly. Most A/C units are outside, where they can collect a lot of dust, dirt, pollen and more. These substances can gum up your system, causing it to run sluggishly and affecting your A/C’s efficiency. These airborne particles can also contaminate your air supply, filling your home — and your lungs — with foreign matter.

What should you do?

Have us clean your A/C coils annually. Your A/C has two types of coils — condenser and evaporator coils. Each can get coated with dust and dirt, which can affect its ability to do its job — to release the hot air in your Maine or New Hampshire home safely outside.

How New England Clean Air Maintains A/C Coils

While some homeowners hose off their A/C coils from time to time, as professionals, we perform a thorough cleaning. This involves shutting off power to the unit and taking it apart. We brush the debris off the coils, then we coat them with a special cleaner and let it sit to do its work. Next, we agitate and repeat if necessary. Lastly, we hose off the cleaner, put your A/C back together and restore power.

Once your A/C coils are clean, you can rest assured that your system is working properly, and dust and dirt have been banished from your unit. Your electric bills will be lower, thanks to the improved efficiency, and your home will get cooler, faster. You also don’t have to worry about contaminants being blown into your home, getting it dirty and making everyone sick.

What You Can Do to Help

You can help maintain your own A/C by making sure to trim away any vegetation that grows around it. If you mow the grass near your unit, try to prevent it from getting into the A/C by aiming the blower away from the unit.

Even if you don’t use your A/C frequently in your Maine or New Hampshire home, keep it properly maintained so you can rely on it for those dog days of summer. Call New England Clean Air today and schedule a maintenance call for your A/C.


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