Blower Motor Cleaning


Your air conditioner has lots of moving parts, and one of the most important is the blower motor. The professionals at New England Air recommend you get your blower motor cleaned annually in order to expect top performance from your unit.

Even if we don’t use our A/C that often up here in New Hampshire and Maine, when we do use it, we want it to work. When those super-hot days finally arrive and you turn on your A/C, you want to feel cool air pouring out of your vents, not stale, recycled air.

This service is important not just for homeowners, but business owners too. If your A/C fails on a hot day, your customers are likely to opt to patronize another business where they can be comfortable.

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What Does a Blower Motor Do?

Your blower motor is made up of several parts — the motor, the shaft, the fins and the housing. These parts are responsible for working in tandem to blow the hot air out of your home and take the cool air in. Without your blower motor, all you have is still air.

But all those parts of the motor get dirty. The fins collect dust and aren’t able to blow as much air. The shaft gets dirty and doesn’t turn as easily, which puts extra pressure on the motor. Your A/C has to work harder, and that means less efficiency and higher energy bills. It also puts unnecessary wear and tear on the parts, which can shorten your unit’s life span.

How New England Clean Air Services Blower Motors

When we clean your blower motor, we start by taking it apart. You must be able to reach into all the crevices to clean a blower motor thoroughly. We brush it off, then hose it down and coat all the parts with a special foaming cleanser. We let it sit, then agitate it and finally hose off all the cleanser and dirt.

Cleaner, Cooler Air in Your Maine or N.H. Home

Once your blower motor is clean and back to work, you’ll notice a difference in your home. The airstream coming through your vents will be stronger, and your house will cool down more quickly. The air will be cleaner too, because your blower motor won’t blast dusty air throughout your house anymore. You’ll suffer fewer cold and allergy symptoms.

For the cleanest air, pair your blower motor cleaning service with our A/C coil cleaning service. This ensures all the important parts of your A/C will be clean and in good working order. Plan to get this service done at the end of winter or beginning of spring, before you need to use your air conditioning.

Call New England Clean Air today to get your residential or commercial A/C’s blower motor cleaned. You’ll be glad you did.


At New England Clean Air, we offer high-quality air purification services at competitive prices. Your satisfaction is our priority and we believe in providing you more than your money’s worth. We work hard to provide you the best prices for air cleaning services while maintaining exceptional service standards. If you’re looking to improve the air quality in your New England home or office, get in touch with us for more information.


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