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Running a home or a business is a lot of work. You don’t always remember when you changed your HVAC filter or if your A/C has been serviced lately. That’s why we offer lifetime services at New England Clean Air.

Whether it’s in Maine, New Hampshire or somewhere else in the U.S., a building takes a lot of work to run smoothly. You have to maintain the integrity of the structure and protect it from harm, including water infiltration. You also have to maintain all of your home systems, plus the property itself.

Turn of some of your worries and concerns over to New England Clean Air. We keep your HVAC system maintained throughout the year, so you never have to think about it.

Vent Cleaning and Air Return Cleaning service
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New England Clean Air Keeps Your A/C in Top Shape

We include A/C coil and blower motor cleaning in our lifetime services. Keeping your A/C clean and in good working order is important to its efficiency and longevity. Dirty A/C coils mean your A/C has to work harder to cool your home. Plus, all the dust and debris on the coils gets sucked into the system and blown throughout your house, making you and your family sick.

Your A/C’s blower motor also plays a big role in its function. A dirty blower motor means a weaker stream of cool air from your vents. It’s harder for your A/C to reach the temperature you set, so it ends up costing more to run it. Additionally, dust and dirt buildup on this part of your A/C also contributes to dust in your home — and in your lungs.

Electrostatic Filters and UV Air Purifiers

An important feature of our lifetime services is our electrostatic HVAC filter. Most home and business owners in Maine and New Hampshire use disposable fiberglass filters in their HVAC systems. But our electrostatic filters are reusable. Just pop them out, hose them off, let them dry and pop them back in again. When you use these filters, you are doing yourself, your wallet — and the environment — a favor.

Not only are they more responsible and economical to use, they do a better job than the fiberglass filters. The electrostatic component actually draws dust and dirt to the filter, trapping more than a conventional filter ever could.

Even though these filters do a superior job, they can’t remove 100% of the contaminants from the air coming into your home or business. That’s why we provide UV air purifier installation. These air purifiers kill all the bacteria, viruses, mold spores and any other living organism that attempts to gain entry to your home through your HVAC system.

Clear the Air at Your New Hampshire or Maine Property

When you opt for lifetime services, including the reusable electrostatic filter and the UV air purifier, you are doing all you can to keep the air in your home or office clean and clear for the people who breathe it. Call New England Clean Air today, and breathe easier tomorrow.


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