Mold Remediation


Mold is a natural part of our environment, but as humans, we constantly fight it in an effort to stay healthy. That’s why New England Clean Air offers mold remediation services to home and business owners in New Hampshire and Maine.

Mold may be natural, but that doesn’t mean it’s welcome. It’s the same with water. We need water to live, but at the same time, too much water can kill us. So while mold does its job in forests and other places, we don’t want it doing its job in our basements, bathrooms, walls or anywhere else in our homes.

Mold growth can cause a host of unpleasant symptoms in anyone who regularly must breathe the spores in, including itchy, watery eyes, cough, congestion, sneezing, lethargy, fever and other cold and flu-like symptoms.

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Where Does Mold Come From?

In order to grow, mold needs moisture and darkness. Sunlight kills mold. That’s why if you see it growing on the outside your home, it’s only on the shady side, or behind trees or bushes. For this reason, we associate mold with inhospitable places, such as crawl spaces and uninhabited and uncared-for buildings.

Since you live (or work) in your building, you don’t want mold in it. But sometimes mold arrives without an invitation. It could be due to a long spell of rain or damp weather here in Maine or New Hampshire, a leak in your plumbing or just the natural environment in your cellar or basement.

And you may not always be able to see the mold that is infesting your home or business. It could be inside the walls, or it could be in the air. Your only indication of a mold infestation may be a cough that won’t go away.

We Eradicate Mold Throughout New Hampshire and Maine

When you call New England Clean Air for help with mold, we test the surfaces and the air in your home. If the results reveal mold, we begin the cleanup process. This involves disposing of building materials or items that are too infested with mold to save. Whatever is left, we treat with a special oxidizing cleaner that eradicates the mold without irritating your lungs, eyes or skin.

When we’re done, your building will be 100% percent safe to inhabit again.

We’ll also counsel you on how to keep mold at bay. If the reason for your infestation was a burst pipe, you will likely be in the clear once the repair is made. But if the mold keeps growing in your bathrooms, closets or basement, we may recommend waterproofing, installing a dehumidifier or exhaust fan, or investing in products like DampRid to absorb and dissipate extra moisture.


Our mold remediation process involves the following steps:

  • Initial air quality testing
  • Mold identification
  • Containment of work area to prevent cross-contamination
  • Improve air quality in the affected area through air scrubbers
  • Mold removal
  • Structural vacuuming and anti-microbial cleaning
  • Decontamination
  • Final clean-up of the affected area


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