The average American family does eight to 10 loads of laundry every week. That's around 520 loads of laundry every year. With every spin of your washer, tiny bits of fabric fibers shed from the edges of the clothes you're washing or drying. Fortunately, washers and dryers are equipped with lint filters to catch the fibers.

Still, a good deal of lint makes it past the filter and gets trapped in your dryer vent duct. When this lint builds up, it restricts airflow and can cause your dryer to overheat and even catch fire.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, of the 2,900 dryer-related residential fires that happen each year, 34% result from lint buildup in dryer vents.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

At least once a year, you must unplug your dryer and check the vent connected to it. Most likely, it's filled with lint and possibly other debris. Apart from being a fire hazard, lint-clogged dryer vents make it harder for your machine to dry your clothes properly. Plus, the heat and moisture can produce a musty smell that may cling to the clothes you're drying.

Professional dryer vent cleaning services protect you and your home from fire hazards and increase your dryer's efficiency by thoroughly removing lint from your dryer vents.

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Dryer Vents

Dryer vents, especially long ones, can become serious fire hazards if they’re not maintained. By having your dryer vents professionally cleaned, you:

  • Reduce risk of a dryer fire
Removing lint from your dryer vents removes the risk of a fire.
  • Lower utility bills
When your dryer runs more efficiently, your laundry dries faster.
  • Increase dryer life
Lint-free dryer vents do not need to work as hard, which results in a lower chance of overheating or malfunctioning and a greater lifespan for your machine.
  • Dry clothes more efficiently
Overall, a clean dryer vent means your dryer can do its job of drying your clothes faster and better.

Choose New England Clean Air for Your Dryer Vent Cleaning Needs

At New England Clean Air, our goal is to provide you with a living environment free of hazards, whether they be from pollutants in the air or a fire resulting from clogged dryer vents. That is why we offer professional dryer vent cleaning services in New Hampshire. If you haven't cleaned the dryer vent in your Concord home, now is the time to contact us about our services.

New England Clean Air has a team of licensed technicians with over 64 years of combined experience. We are experts in thoroughly cleaning ducts and vents. That is why we're one of the most trusted cleaning companies in the New England area.

For thorough and reliable dryer vent cleaning, contact New England Clean Air today.

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Our dryer vent cleaning services not only assist with preventing fires but also have other practical benefits. When your dryer starts clogging up, your machine starts taking longer to dry clothes. It may take a while for you to notice. However, the time difference will begin to gradually grow longer and it may take a whole new second cycle to dry your clothes completely. Here’s where we come in. We help you reclaim lost time and the extra money spent on utilities because of repeated or slow drying cycles by thoroughly cleaning your dryer vents. Your dryer will work more efficiently and save you more money in the long run when you get its vents cleared out.

In addition, extra drying is also tough on your clothes. By simply getting your dryer vent cleaned, you can ensure you spend less on electricity bills as well as save your clothes unnecessary wear and tear.

Ready to breathe in fresher indoor air? Contact us today for our air duct cleaning service!

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